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Sukhmaa Group is a well-experienced contractual manpower services provider in India. Our procurement methodology is planned to provide a successful match for both, the employers and candidates. We believe in creating a workplace environment embracing your needs for today and tomorrow. We provide a range of Workforce Integrated Services specifically tailored to the needs of our clients and specific industries.

With rich experience and pan India reach, we offer a profoundly proficient range of Permanent and Temporary Staffing Services in India to deploy a single person or an entire workforce customized depending on the organization’s needs. We coordinate the organization’s permanent and temporary staffing needs with skilled professionals, acting as an interfacing string between the two.

Our expertise helps to source the best candidates from across the nation and develop a long-lasting association with them. Whether you are trying to fill a vacant position or find a replacement, our team of experts and years of experience head-on to find the ideal candidate for any designated role. Our process is productive and ensures that we offer our clients the best candidates at any level, with an accelerated turnaround time.

With our Workforce Integrated solutions, we aim to take away the pain of hiring reliable candidates and help our clients put their efforts into finer things. We also support the organization develop various programs linked to human resource management that prove beneficial to a company. These programs will also include a reduction in expenses incurred by the company.

The Major services which are covered under our Workforce Integrated Solutions are:

Planning manpower: We as a group analyze various aspects such as the company’s production, existing labour force, the skills and potential of the labourers and anticipated retirements and decide the staffing levels required therein. We make sure the staff level should neither be too high to cause loss to the company nor be too small to cause inadequacy to meet the company’s production demands.

Recruiting workforce: One of the significant aspects of this solution is recruiting the workforce. The job description is prepared according to the evaluations made by the recruiting forces. Candidates are selected according to the analysis of their education, personal traits, experience and expectations. We help in identifying potential candidates who can fulfil the requirements of the concerned position.

Evaluation: We are not limited to just recruitment services. Also, we provide services to help organizations evaluate the employees based on their performance. We take the responsibility to cater to the needs and working conditions of the employees.

Benefits of Sukhmaa Group Workforce Integrated Services

  • Predict your future manpower needs
  • Use existing resources efficiently
  • Increase productivity
  • Identify talent gaps, skill deficiencies and scaling or downsizing needs.
  • Increase profits and grow your business

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