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Your Human Capital is Your Biggest Asset. Onboard your Contractual Workforce with Confidence!

In this ‘new’ & ‘remote’ world, detailed employee background verification in MNCs and even smaller enterprises is deemed crucial before making the final recruitment decision. It helps in safeguarding the organization against several potential threats. The verification can be simple or detailed as HR and upper management considers it appropriate.

Sukhmaa Group stands above its peers as the most ethical and transformative employee background verification service provider. We believe human capital is the lifeblood of an organization; therefore, it is essential to ensure that a thorough background check is performed to ensure the employee has the skills and integrity to carry out the organization’s mission. Slight negligence can cost the organization a hefty amount. We are committed to offering comprehensive and end-to-end background screening services. With our stringent and automated background check processes and adherence to strict data security protocols, we help the clients in acquiring sufficient data in the shortest rolex replica paypal time possible. Our reliable data and evidence help our clients in making human-centric decisions.

In our 39 years of service, we have worked in all industries and domains. Our quality and accuracy have helped in developing trust in the industry. Our cutting-edge technology and extensive database exploration allow establishing a climate of trust for the association to lead the business with confidence.

Our background verification services include:

  • Education verification
  • Document verification
  • Employment verification
  • Address verification
  • Criminal records
  • Professional reference
  • Drug abuse verification

What makes Sukhmaa Group unique?

  • We make the process hassle-free for you.
  • Experts perform all the background and reference checks.
  • Resume fraud avoidance
  • All the work is done under strict confidentiality and supervision, ensuring no leakage or theft of information.
  • We have full-time resources available to perform the job while you can proceed with other recruitment formalities. By the time you are ready for putting up the offer letter, we are ready with the reports.
  • Background verification is done by a third party (us), which helps in keeping your relationship cordial and positive throughout the recruitment and employment process.
  • Eliminate easily preventable fraud for your business and the most vulnerable sections of society

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